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The Xend Experience *UPDATED 8/24/15*




Days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months. What started as “Oh, I’ll just blog about this later.” turned into months of hiatus. But yes, I am back. With my return, I brought with me countless of reviews and stories to tell during the last few months that I had neglected this blog. But for starters, let me just share with you my most recent experience with Xend, a local courier in the Philippines.

You see, during the time that I was away,¬†I’ve since started out a small-time buy and sell business in the last couple of months. Although I do have an experience with selling stuff online courtesy of eBay, it’s my first time to delve into something larger and with an investment to boot.¬†I’ve always used Xend¬†since I discovered them a few years back while selling on eBay. I find their rates affordable and the very few times I had sent packages through them, my consignees have received their packages safe and sound. I’ve never had those horror stories that I usually read online and thought I’d never have such an experience… well, until now.

I sent out a package containing 6 pieces of cloth diapers that I had sold¬†to a good friend last August 1. The item was picked up from my house and I personally handed my stuff to the delivery man thinking it would be just like the good old times with Xend. I know they don’t update their tracking service often so I didn’t bother checking every now and then. But when I did check on August 3, I was so happy to know that my consignee has received her items. My friend never sent me a confirmation message but I shrugged it aside. After all according to the tracking status, it was my friend herself who received the package. I thought that she was probably just busy.

Two days later, I received a message from her. Her package hasn’t arrived yet. I went into sudden panic mode. How come she didn’t receive any package when, according to the shipping status of Xend, it was the consignee herself who took it from the delivery man? My buyer also happened to be a¬†good friend, so, being conned was really just out of the question. I logged in online and searched for similar experiences. Aside from a handful¬†of rants ¬†that I read online about packages not arriving on time, cases like mine that were¬†published online were far and few. I tried calling their hotline until my fingers hurt to no avail. No one was picking up the phone and the queue time was limited to just 1 minute and 30 seconds until you are automatically disconnected. I sent them email, politely inquiring about my package and because I was not satisfied with that, I then sent them a message over at Facebook with my fingers crossed tightly behind my back. After all, someone recently¬†posted that they had not replied to him until after a few days later. Good God. What have I gotten myself into?

That afternoon and¬†to my surprise, I received a reply from them on Facebook. ¬†I know it was probably a generic reply to problems like I had, but hey, that’s a tad better than being ignored at all. They told me that they will be requesting for item retrieval to know who received my item. I thanked them and inquired how long it will take them to investigate my case but received no reply.


apologiesThe next morning, I received a message from Xend Express asking for the contents and value of the items that was in the lost package. They asked me to send them an email and include pictures of my items.


At 4 pm of Friday, they then told me that they had already made an incident report about my problem and are looking into it. An hour later, I then received a message from them stating that they would just refund me of the cost of the items that had been misreleased to a complete stranger. This would be done via cheque which will be delivered to me in the next couple of days.



It’s now Day 5 since my friend and I discovered that someone took interest in her package. To be honest, I didn’t expect that the response time of Xend Express to my problem would be this quick.¬†¬†I was expecting to get a resolution in a week or two, but my query which I started as a¬†PM¬†on Facebook¬†was answered in two days. Now, all I have to do is to relax and wait on how long until the delivery guy would show up to deliver my refund¬†cheque.

And we know that, that can be a totally different story.

I’ll post an update as soon as he arrives. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

And oh, before I forget. Let me do a shameless plug ūüôā



UPDATE: (08/24/15)

It’s been 19 days since I discovered that Xend had misreleased my items to someone else instead of to my consignee. They promised to send out a refund cheque of my declared value, but it’s been 10 working days and the rider with my refund cheque is still not in sight. Actually Xend had come to pick up two more packages for shipping but none of them bore my cheque. I sent another inquiry to Xend’s Facebook Page and here is their reply which I received two days after sending in my inquiry:



Looks like the waiting game has just begun. Still keeping my fingers crossed.



UPDATE: (09/22/15)

Sorry. I had been really busy the past few days that I totally forgot how I haven’t updated this entry. I finally, finally got my refund cheque from Xend last September 14, 2015. Officially, it took them 5 weeks and 5 days¬†(including weekends( from the time I reported the lost articles to them via FB. Yes. It’s a long wait but at least I got my money back. They refunded me the total cost of the declared items and the shipping fee that I paid for it. It also came with a letter which I haven’t read in full to this day. I think it’s some sort of a waiver.

If you’re having issues with Xend, I believe that faith and patience are your allies. Yes. Patience is a virtue. Don’t lose your cool at once and give them time to sort things out. I had patiently waited for their replies via Facebook¬†even if at one point, it took them a full day to reply. I stopped trying to call their hotline as well because it was just not worth it. I found Facebook¬†to be more convenient and you can even retrieve correspondence with¬†them easily. Also, inasmuch as they’ve given you lots of headache, I think you should just spare the poor Xend employees with¬†expletives ’cause after all, that they’re just like you and me trying to earn a decent living. ūüôā

Have you had a similar experience with Xend? Share them below. ūüôā

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