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Snoe Beso Balm Lip Sugar Polish

I didn’t realize how it’s been about three weeks since I last posted and how it’s also the start of a new month. Time flies, yes? It didn’t feel like it was that long ago since I posted that rant online probably because a lot has happened since that day. First, I took – and fortunately passed – the much-dreaded written part of my specialty diplomate exam about two weeks ago. Then after that, it was just duty, duty and more duty for me to make up for the time I spent jobless because I had to study for the exams.

Anyway, I’ve decided to review yet another lip product today. Noticed how most of my reviews are about lip products? It’s because my lips is probably the most problematic part of my face because it’s forever dry and chapped. Also, I cannot go out without at least a good lip balm in my bag. A lip product is definitely a staple wherever I go.

Beso Balm Lip Sugar Polish - Php 299 available at all Snoe Outlets

Beso Balm Lip Sugar Polish – Php 299 available at all Snoe Outlets

On the spotlight today is this Snoe Beso Balm Lip Sugar Polish that I got sometime last year out of a whim. I wasn’t intending to buy anything when I stepped inside a Cinderella store carrying Snoe products but came out with this lip scrub in hand totally forgetting that I had earlier purchased a similar product and barely used it in the interim.

Snoe is proudly a Filipino brand founded by a beauty enthusiast, Ms. Jen Gerodias-Diaz  in late 2010. Starting with just soaps, the brand has now expanded to include not only skincare and hair products in their line but also had forayed into the world of cosmetics. Currently, they have numerous branches all over the Philippines and also offer their merchandise direct from their website at Snoe Beauty.

I must say I am not a big fan of the brand but I do own a handful of Snoe products which I’ve collected through the years. This includes a body spritz, a travel friendly lip color trio pot, a make-up setting spray, the lip scrub and most recently, a face and body sunblock perfect for the summer months.

Anyway, enough with that and let’s get it on with the review.

Made of Castor seed oil, Beeswax, Min Essence, Peppermint Oil, Coconut Oil, Menthol crystals and Sugar granules. It promises to exfoliate, plump, soothe, protect your lips and freshen your breath.

Made of Castor seed oil, Beeswax, Mint Essence, Peppermint Oil, Coconut Oil, Menthol crystals and Sugar granules. It promises to exfoliate, plump, soothe, protect your lips and freshen your breath.

The Beso Balm Lip Sugar Polish comes in a 15 gram tin packaging that you slide sideways to open. Ingredients include Castor seed oil, beeswax, mint essence, peppermint oil, coconut oil, menthol crystals and sucrose, the main ingredient that makes this a scrub. Since it’s made of completely edible sugar, it won’t harm you if you happen to give in to the temptation of actually taking a lick out of this scrub while using it (which I’ve done countless times, hehe). The contents is off-white in color with a minty scent. The product is waxy and is really packed with sugar granules. To use, pick up enough product to coat your lips and do circular motions with your finger. The wax makes it easier and gentler for the sugar granules to glide on your lips. Then you finish off by wiping your lips with tissue or a damp cloth. Don’t wash it off or you’ll lose the effect of the beeswax and oils which are supposed to remain coated on your lips to keep it soft and leave your lips smelling fresh and minty.

If you happen to have really chapped lips like me (how many times have I said that it previous blogs? :P), don’t expect your lips to be less dry and flaky after one session. It takes a regular session of once every other day to once everyday to keep your lips from getting too dry and peeling. It does help to use a moisturizing lip balm/gloss (like Malin + Goetz Mojito Lip Balm) regularly in between lip scrubbing sessions to keep lips smooth and soft. Also, just keep your fingers off your lips! Don’t peel your lips raw please! It’s unsightly and hurts like hell when it starts to bleed. 😛

The Beso Balm Lip Sugar Polish helped me in controlling my lips’ tendency to be super dry and flaky. I found it worked best to use the scrub as part of my make-up regimen prior to using colored lip glosses or lipsticks that tend to settle on the lines of my lips because the wax leaves my lips smooth. By doing a regular lip scrub, my lips exfoliated nicely lessening chances of having flaky lips that I tend to peel off subconsciously especially when I’m anxious. 😛 However, I think this is a bit expensive for something that you can actually make on your own. The 15 gram tin can costs Php 299 when you can actually make your own for less than that using petroleum jelly, your favorite flavored chapstick and some sugar from your kitchen. Shayne from Queen of All You See posted a very simple recipe for your own lip scrub a few years back using these ingredients. Or if you fancy using other ingredients, I discovered this blog entry from Bro + Co from 2014 where they featured 23 different recipes to make your own lip scrub .

In summary, the Beso Balm Lip Sugar Polish is a beeswax and oil-based lip scrub that is packed with sugar granules best used daily and as often especially for those with really dry lips. It is, however, expensive for its kind especially since you can always make your own using materials readily available at home.

So, Shall I buy this again? Probably not because I’d rather DIY this at home and use the extra 299 bucks for something else.

What about you? What brand of lip scrub do you use regularly? Do share your thoughts below.

That’s it for now. Thanks a lot for reading. Until the next entry!


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