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Brush Talk: On Cleaning and Sanitizing Brushes

Make-up lovers don’t necessarily start big once they enter the colorful world of make-up. We start small, experimenting with cheap drugstore brands before venturing into the more expensive ones. It begins with just one or two lipsticks, a neutral eye palette and a couple of blushes and before we know it the hoarding starts from there. Then, we begin to realize that a good make-up deserves an even better set of brushes and oh boy, the really good ones don’t come cheap.

Luckily for me, I haven’t tried my hands on those really good and expensive brushes yet – and I don’t think I ever will. I do not see myself buying brush sets worth $ 265 (PHP 11,768 at $1=PHP 44) like Wayne Goss’ The Collection and surely not those worth $ 839 (PHP 37,255) like Chikuhodo’s Z Series 8-piece brush set. I guess I’ll leave the hoarding of those kind of brushes to professional make-up artists who’ll definitely have better use for them. 😛

I do own a couple of good but relatively cheaper brush sets though: a set bought from Suesh (a 16-piece personal pro brush set) and another from Zoeva (a 12-piece bamboo set) plus a handful of individually purchased solos, mostly from Marionnaud. They’re not really expensive based on the standards of today’s mid-priced brush sets like Sigma but they do get the job done without too much fuss.

Beauty Bar's Cosmetic Brush Cleaner. Photo by Eula of Eula Sleeps. (http://www.eulasleeps.com)

Beauty Bar’s Cosmetic Brush Cleaner. Photo by Eula of Eula Sleeps. (http://www.eulasleeps.com)

Let me now put the question out there. How do you clean your brushes?

I use Beauty Bar’s Cosmetic Brush Cleaner to soak my brushes in or spray them a little with for a quick clean. It’s sold at Beauty Bar for PHP 595 for a 350 mL bottle. I like seeing the pigments come off my brushes when I do a 2 minute dip but it doesn’t totally clean my brushes down to pat. So, just what I read on other beauty blogs, I use a very mild shampoo (or sometimes I use conditioner to make the bristles really soft) when a deeper clean. Although I feel I’ve achieved about 80% of the kind of clean that I want just using them, I still feel the nagging need to buy a soap or shampoo made specifically for these little wonders. I’ve looked high and low but alas, did not find anything until I came across this particular brush shampoo at BeautyMNL:



Cherry Blossom Brush Shampoo by Clean Apothecary

Brush Shampoo by Clean Apothecary comes in a number of variants. Photo courtesy of BeautyMNL. http://beautymnl.com)

Brush Shampoo by Clean Apothecary comes in a number of variants. Photo courtesy of BeautyMNL. (http://beautymnl.com)

I bought mine last year for PHP 1,100 minus 20% because I availed their first purchase discount.

Clean Apothecary brush shampoos come in two variants: olive oil and goat’s milk and come in an array of scents. BeautyMNL used to carry 4 oz. plastic tubs of Lavender, Lemon and Cherry Blossom scents but all of them are currently sold out. But if you look at Clean Apothecary’s official website, they have other scents such as Rose, a limited edition Grapefruit and Eucalyptus Spearmint. An unscented version is also available.


This brush shampoo is a misnomer because it’s actually a solid amber-colored translucent soap that you wet and swirl your wet brushes in to clean. Once lathered with soap, I then use my fingers to gently rub the bristles. I must say that the soap leaves my brushes clean and sweet-smelling after every wash, thanks to its light floral scent and despite having olive oil as one of its primary ingredients, my brushes are not greasy. The bristle quality of my brushes remained the same if not ending up softer compared to before.

The price tag is quite steep though for a brush shampoo but the PHP 1,100 tub also contains about 4 oz of soap and it definitely will last you a long time. In fact, I haven’t even consumed a third of my tub even if I have been using it weekly to clean my brushes for the last four months. My Beauty Bar Cleanser doesn’t usually last me two or three months especially when I use it to soak my brushes in. In the long run, I think it’s more cost effective to buy a more expensive brush shampoo in one go.


I haven’t come across similar soaps in local counters or online shops here in the Philippines. Either I did not look further or there’s not much choice of brush soaps and shampoo available today. Anyway, if you’re interested to try this brush shampoo, it’s available directly from their official website with price ranging from USD 10-20 depending on the size and variant, while locally can be bought online at BeautyMNL and Digital Traincase for about PHP 1,100 per tub.

What about you? Do you have a favorite brush cleanser? Do share your thoughts below. 🙂

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