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NBI Clearance in Las Piñas

SM Center Las Pinas So, I’m blogging while waiting in queue at the NBI Satellite Office in SM Center Las Piñas. I am surrounded by irate and very confused customers waiting in vain for their turn. The recent update in the computerization of the NBI clearance had almost everyone caught off guard. Well not really… If you just do your research and try to visit the NBI website at (http://nbi.gov.ph).

Starting January 5, 2015, you are required to register and apply online at their website (http://clearance.nbi.gov.ph) and schedule for appointment prior to going to the office of your choice much like what you have to do when you are getting or renewing your passport. Now, here is the crucial part. As of this posting, they are not yet as strict here in this particular center and are still entertaining those who are coming in as walk-in applicants. But, if you do register prior to coming here AND pay first. Things are going to be easier.

They currently have two lines here: one for walk-in and those registered registered online but did not pay first and another line for those who registered AND had paid already before coming in.

I came at 7:30 am. The queue for those who are walk-in and those who did online registration  but had not paid yet is already at #220. While for those who have already paid is at #40.

The process of on-site registration and payment is pretty slow here. So if you’re coming in late as a walk-in applicant, you might as well just do it online, pay first then come back another day.

I got my NBI clearance after 1 hour and 42 minutes from the time they started processing them but the total waiting time from the moment I arrived and fell in line was 3 hours and 42 minutes. The queue is too long. Imagine wasting almost four hours of your precious time just doing nothing but wait. And that’s for someone who already had paid for the clearance the day before. I wonder how long it took for those who had not paid for theirs yet. 

Did you also apply in the same center as I did? If not, what was your experience in other branches?

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