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Out of the Ipsy September Bag

ipsySome 3 weeks (+) after I received my very first Glam Bag from Ipsy, I’m now ready to put up my  review on its contents… because, yes, my October Glam Bag just arrived! Yey! I never imagined I’ll be this excited with subscription boxes. No wonder why all those other bloggers I’ve been reading are going nuts when the next month is just around the corner! It’s probably driven by the excitement of not knowing what you’re gonna get because most boxes don’t really reveal what’s inside. In the case of Ipsy though, we get to have an idea on what could be inside our bags because they release sneak peeks early into the month. Funny how I’ll actually bite the bait when I get those sneak peek emails from Ipsy like 80% of the time. Why wouldn’t I? Imagine this: just for the price of promoting the next bag on Facebook, I get first hand dibs on what’s gonna be inside my bag way before everyone else does. Haha. So please do pardon me when I flood your timelines with my Ipsy ads. For this particular bag though, I didn’t use an early pass because I didn’t know I could already take a peek into it. 😛

ipsy-september Anyway, this bag, as I mentioned in my previous post, is made of synthetic silver-gray leatherette with metal trimmings. The first thing that would probably pop into mind when you see it is the word “rebel” instead of the theme “street style” which was supposedly the theme of the month. It’s that kind of bag that rebel chics will carry around. And yeah – “rebel chic” is something I ain’t. LOL. Good thing my bag contents weren’t as “rebellious” as I would have expected from the theme. I received two full sizes and three deluxe sample sizes inside my bag which included a double-ended eyeshadow applicator, lip gloss, hand cream, facial wash and an eyeliner. You know what else I love about Ipsy aside from the brands that they carry? They promised: “No foil samples. Ever. (again)” I intentionally put that one in because according to the autobiography that I read about Michelle Phan, there was that single time when she got too busy to focus on Ipsy that she did not know they will be giving away samples in foil packets! Naturally, she lost a lot of subscribers and the rest is history. So anyway, let’s go on to see what good stuff were included. 

1) Pacifica Natural Water-proof Eye Pencil pacifica

I received this deluxe sample size of Natural Eye Pencil from Pacifica in Gun Metal which is actually the just the color pewter plus some metallic sheen. It’s described to be rich, long-lasting and waterproof with a buttery smooth formula that allows it to easily glide on skin when applied. I agree with the richness of the color, its good staying power and the buttery smooth texture of this eyeliner. but I’ve never really proven how waterproof it is though because I’ve never worn it while bawling my eyes out. 😉 It can be easily smudged too which is perfect if you’re aiming for a sexy smokey gray-based eye. Pacifica also boasts of having natural ingredients in its product listing which includesJojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Vitamin E and Vitamin C, but these  aren’t something unique with the brand or something you’ll actively seek out for in a product in my opinion. Product removal at the end of the day is a breeze with just any regular make-up remover. The full size weighs 2.8 grams and retails for USD 11 at Pacifica Beauty.

2) Mitchell and Peach Luxury Hand Cream mitchell-and-peach

Mitchell and Peach is actually a British product that was imported into US shores. This luxurious hand cream contains natural ingredients such as shea butter and English honey fresh from a British countryside family farm. To be honest, I wasn’t really happy to be receiving this product in my bag because I am not a big fan of lotions nor hand creams. Working in a usually non-airconditioned environment such as our Pedia ER where there is a scarcity of electric fans (seriously!) makes me think twice about putting on lotion in the morning despite having dry skin. It’s just that I don’t want to feel greasy later in the day when I have often ran around the hospital. Unlike other lotions and creams I’ve tried, this hand cream has a lightweight and watery formula that easily spreads when applied. Once settled on the skin, I loved how it leaves my skin feeling soft but non-greasy at the same time. I’ve almost used up this cream already as I don’t just use it on my hands, but sometimes slather it on my upper arms and legs. Unfortunately, I am not very fond of how it smells which is a light floral/earthy scent. Although it’s not overpowering, there’s something about the scent that I found odd. This deluxe sample size I received was 30 mL but the full size is 60mL which sells for GBP 17 at Mitchell and Peach. Yep. I know. It’s expensive!

3) Nourish Organic Moisturizing Cream Face Cleanser nourish

This is the last deluxe sample size that’s included in my bag. I have ambivalent feelings about this facial cleanser but that’s really biased because it’s one of the products I wished I didn’t get as I preferred more make-up samples. Also, it was described as a cream-type cleanser and not watery as was the consistency of the sample that I received. Must be because my bag had to travel from North Carolina to the Philippines which is just halfway across the globe, you see! It claims to be 100% organic containing aloe vera, cucumber and water cress as its main ingredients. It stayed true to its claim that it is fragrance-free and mild. I ended up liking it anyway because it lathers well and left my skin feeling squeaky clean after wash, although my skin felt a little taut after use. This is a mainstay in my bag when I go on duty these days as it comes in a small container and is easy to bring around. 🙂 The full size product is 6 fl. oz or 177 mL for $13.99 at the Nourish Organic website.

4) Cailyn Art Touch Tinted Lip Gloss Stick cailyn

One of the full-sized products that came in is this lip gloss from Cailyn Cosmetics. I live outside the US and this is the first time I heard about this product. My lip gloss came in the color Love Affair which is a deep red shade. This was the first product that I opened and tried when I received  my bag. Although a lot of subscribers who received this loved the shade, I on the other hand would have preferred getting the paler/pink-peach one which is Basic Instinct as I am geared towards using nude/lighter lip shades on a daily basis. According to their website:

This silky smooth gloss glides on your lips like butter leaving you with a lacquer like finish.

I do agree that it is silky smooth and left a lacquer-like finish but the staying power needs improvement especially when you eat or drink a lot. The color that I received, though looks good on the container looked really bad on me – like I was going out for a Halloween party. Plus, the color also settles on my lip lines leaving my lips look unevenly stained. 🙁 I stopped using this alone and perhaps will someday resurrect it once I get my hands on a darker shade of lipstick that I can put this gloss on top off. This retails for USD 19 for a full-size of 4 mL available at the Cailyn Cosmetics website.


5) Infinity Shadow/Crease Duet Brush by Crown Brush

I was so delighted when I learned I was getting a full-sized brush for my first month! Ain’t I so lucky?! *wink* Although I already own a couple of make-up brush sets from various brands such as Marionnaud, Zoeva and Suesh, a new brush is always welcome addition to my stash. Besides, this is dual-ended hence that’s one brush less inside my travel kit. Like all of the brands inside my glam bag, this is also the first time I’ve heard of this brand. The bristles are soft and doesn’t loosen and fall out. It has been my go-to brush these days when I’m on the go. Definitely this is my most favorite product out of the five items from my Ipsy September bag. This currently retails on sale at the Crown Brush site for USD 6.99.

Well that’s about it on my very first glam bag. I’m giving this bag a grade of 3.5 stars overall. I already received my October bag but I yet have to open the samples in the next few days so it might take sometime before I get to make another review because it will take me weeks to put the products to a test. 🙂

Interested in joining Ipsy? For USD 10 a month, you will receive a bag curated by YouTube celebrity and beauty guru, Michelle Phan containing 4-5 deluxe samples or full-sized items that is catered to your preferences. Get to know more about Ipsy here. Come and join the fun of un-bagging the Ipsy Glam Bag each month!

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