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Professional Artist Cosmetics Two-Way Cake Powder

Wow. I was reading my last entry dated February 28 and realized how I did not even write a single entry after I promised to blog more often. Talk about being busy. =P Anyway, since I’m on research leave from my usual hospital routine, I decided to spend time and try to do some reviews of the purchases I accumulated over the months.

First up is this two-way cake powder from Professional Artist Cosmetics by Martha Tilaar. PAC-two-way-foundation I never heard of this brand until I came across their beauty counter at Watson’s at the SM Mall of Asia. I was looking for a powder foundation that can double-up as a face powder when I chanced upon this. With all honesty, I initially mistook it for another brand and realized my mistake when I was already talking to the beauty consultant. Of course, when I got home, did some research on them but there is not much I could get from their website which is in Indonesian. LOL. But I did find a feature from a beauty blogger Celline Reyes. Things that I learned:

1) They are not new in the business. PAC was created in 1997 to cater specifically to the needs of Asian women.

2) They have a wide range of products which are high-quality and waterproof perfect for the various needs of professional makeup artists.

3) Professional Artist Cosmetics by Martha Tilaar is a top brand in Indonesia.

Funny how I also learned that there is another company selling make-up with the same name which I found off the internet: Professional Artist Cosmetics. While doing my research, I first came across this site and found it weird that I couldn’t find the exact item that I bought. It was then I noticed how the logo weren’t the same.

logoProfessional Artist Cosmetics from http://paccosmetics.com/

imagesProfessional Artist Cosmeticsby  Martha Tilaar from http://www.pacbeauty.com

The first one is based in India while the one below and the one I am doing a review on is based in Indonesia. Hmmm. I wonder if there are copyright issues involved here with the use of the same brand name?

Anyway, out with legalities and in with the review. P0101050_l I am a big fan of Maybelline’s New Super Mineral 24 with Perlite Two-Way Cake Foundation. It’s a staple inside my makeup kit and I’ve lost count how many compacts I broke and how many refills I had bought. I just love how it covers all the imperfections you can find on my skin: pimples, dark undereye circles from all that zombie-mode duties and all the post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. The application is perfect and despite the fact that I can use it with a wet sponge for an even better application, using it dry already does the trick. But when I used up my last pan, I decided to embark on a journey to find a good alternative. It was when I found this two-way powder cake foundation by Professional Artist Cosmetics by Martha Tilaar. Here are my thoughts:


Not exactly a fan of how it looks. The base is a square and there is a circle pan placed on top of this base. The circle pan on top actually houses the powder and the square base hides the powder puff inside. I find it really awkward to hold. I can’t figure out why they needed to combine two geometric shapes in one packaging. Perhaps they can’t make up their mind if they wanted a round powder compact or a square compact. LOL.


It has a smooth, velvety texture typical of powder foundations. I like the consistency of Maybelline’s Mineral powder foundation better though because it’s smoother and softer to the touch and close-upwhen applied. But of course, there is no point in comparing since the other is mineral makeup. =P


Just a typical sponge applicator. Nothing much to say about this.


Okay, so they claim that this can give you medium-to-maximum coverage. My verdict? The powder was velvety and easy to apply. It blends well on skin – so well that it virtually disappears once spread. Good? Bad? I was expecting it to provide good coverage just like Maybelline’s but I was disappointed because a single, thin, application using a dry sponge did not cover much. It took me more dabs on the pan to get that coverage I was looking for. It was not even medium-coverage. The coverage is so light that it wasn’t able to cover my imperfections just by using it alone whereas I can go without concealers with my trusty Maybelline mineral powder foundation. powder-textureHowever, it has a better coverage when used with a wet sponge. You can achieve the medium-coverage it promises with the right amount of water and powder. Despite its not-so-good coverage when dry, I must say its staying power is quite remarkable. I’ve used this dry (albeit, with multiple layers on initial application) at the hospital where I work and despite the humidity, I didn’t have to reapply after about 6 hours of working straight. Yes, my face had some oiliness after a few hours but not as much trouble as I used to have with Maybelline. The staying power when applied wet is even better perhaps because it settles better on your skin. From the blog I mentioned earlier, this product is supposedly waterproof. I don’t know about that but a portion of my face powder was taken off when I accidentally touched it while putting on my contact lenses with half-wet fingers. And besides, how can a product claim to be waterproof when you can use it both dry and even better when wet? *confused*

This two-way powder is available at all Professional Artist Cosmetics counter for Php 849. Refills are priced at Php 750. Palettes with three shades perfect for make-up artists is at Php 2499 each. It’s pretty expensive but despite its flaws I recommend it to those who like a long-lasting base. Perhaps it will even have a longer staying power with the right face primer. Just don’t expect to be able to wear it without concealer if you have many imperfections to hide. =)

Shall I buy this again? Perhaps. I cannot say for certain because I keep on looking for my old Maybelline compact still. =) I know. I’m such a loyal customer!

Well, that’s all for now. I didn’t notice how this turned out to be quite long. See you in my next review!

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