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The Body Shop: Rainforest Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner

I’ve never used any hair care products from The Body Shop. I wouldn’t even have one of these if they weren’t given away as freebies to Love Your Body members a few months back. So for about a few weeks, I decided to ditch the ones I’m consuming: Herbal Essences’ Totally Twisted shampoo and TRESemmé’s Smooth and Shine conditioner for a while to try The Body Shop’s Rainforest Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner.

Rainforest Moisture Shampoo

Makeup Alley Rating: 3.1

It comes in an amber-colored bottle and the liquid is clear. It smells like honey mixed with flowers – but not the really sweet kind and is rather difficult to describe. It doesn’t lather as much as most commercial products do because it contains no sulfates. And if I may add, both the shampoo and the conditioner have no silicones, colorants or parabens and are totally Earth-friendly. However, I’ve been using shampoos that really bubble when you rub on your hair so it took me a few showers to get used to it. I ended up using about 1/2 more of my usual amount of shampoo just so I could satisfy my craving for err… bubbles.  I’d probably use up a bottle of this shampoo faster compared with the other brands.

Using it up faster = Buying More = More Expensive

A word of caution. If you have curly locks, you may want to take extra care in lathering it in because after rinsing it can leave your hair feeling really dry. On my first use, I wondered where the heck the “moisture” part of the name has gone. If you’re the type who like to skip your conditioner once in a while, this may not be the right shampoo to skip your conditioner with.

Rainforest Moisture Conditioner

Makeup Alley Rating: 2.6

Unlike the shampoo counterpart, this one comes in a light green, opaque bottle but it smells the same as the shampoo. The conditioner is white and is thick in consistency. Like the shampoo, I use more amount of the conditioner for my hair because it’s not lathery and it doesn’t make me feel like I’ve put in conditioner in all of my hair strands. I wasn’t at all impressed when I rinsed off because I felt like my hair is still in tangles!  But the moisturizing part kicked in after my hair has dried off. It was able to tame my usually very unruly hair that even the most moisturizing conditioner I’ve tried had a difficult time doing so. In fact, my hair stayed smooth and manageable sans the hair blower for hours.

My verdict? It takes some time to get used to them being not your usual sulfate-containing shampoo and conditioner especially if you’re a first time user switching to more eco-friendly products. Though I’ve heard about some  shampoos and conditioners that lather well despite being sulfate-free. (The search is on!) I am not really a big fan of the scent because the mix makes me feel nauseous. I was expecting it to smell fresh – as if it were from the rainforest as the name implied. I got lost as to how they decided to brand the product when I couldn’t find any trace of rainforest scent in it. And yes, I’d yet have to convince myself that the products are good and worth buying next time.

Contents: Pracaxi Oil, Manketti Nut Oil and Community Fair Trade Honey


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