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Review: VOV Dual Cover CC Cream

For my first ever official entry on Flipside, I’ve decided to do a review on one my latest purchases: VOV Dual Cover Color Control (CC) Cream which is available at Suesh for Php 990 for a full size of 30mL.

VOV Dual Cover Color Control (CC) Cream in 23 – Natural Tone-Up Cover

It took me a while before I realized how to open this. 🙂

Press two (opposite) sides equally and the grayish cream comes out from the center.

The VOV Dual Cover Color Control (CC) Cream comes in a round container where you press two (opposite) sides of the rim for the product to come out. It’s a grayish cream that changes its color once it comes in contact with your skin. It’s velvety smooth in texture and a little product goes a long way. When applied, this CC cream has a grayish undertone vs my Etude House Magic BB Cream which has a pinkish undertone. Using a yellow-toned powder over it did the trick of making me look less like the sister of Casper. 🙂

To be honest, I had no idea what a CC cream was until this was introduced by the friendly salesperson at Suesh Alabang Town Center after I bought my brush kit. I knew about the BB cream a few years back. Little did I know that my favorite BB cream already had a kid sister in the block. LOL.

CC cream stands for Color Control or Color Correct among other names and is said to be an upgraded version of the BB cream. I tried to trace back when and how it first came about and it seems that this has been around since 2011. In one blog/forum, there was mention of Miss Singapore Universe 2009, Rachel Kum who developed her own version of a BB cream which she then called CC cream. Since then, it seems that the other brands had followed suit and it has now reached Philippine shores.

So going back, what is a CC cream?

I’ve done an extensive research (or until my fingers got tired of clicking google links LOL) on what a CC cream offers vs a BB cream. Now, let’s do a rundown according to the CC cream entry on Wikipedia:

1) more effective skin coverage

2) sun protection

3) better blending and treatment of uneven skin tones

4) lighter texture

Sounds really familiar, huh? That’s because back in the day when the BB cream was being introduced in the market, these are exactly the same promises they made (plus the claim to providing skincare). To me at least, there’s really nothing new on what this CC cream has to offer. For one, I don’t think it has better skin coverage. Perhaps yes for the first few minutes until you sweat it out and discover that the cover has faded (VOV CC cream lasted about 3-4 hours on my face  in a hot and humid day). A cream with sun protection is also not a recent innovation as most BB creams available in the market also has sun protection factor to block out harmful UV rays. (My old Etude House BB Magic Cream has SPF 30  while VOV CC Cream has SPF 28++) As for the claims to better blending and treatment of uneven skin tones, I think it’s easier to blend because of its more fluid consistency (at least as compared to my Etude House BB Magic Cream) and the treatment of uneven skin tones would work better if you’ve got color corrector and concealers worn underneath especially if you’re like me who’s got lots of blemishes to hide. 😛

However, I have to agree with other reviews of CC creams that they have a lighter feel in general. When I first used a BB cream, I felt like there was a big pile of gunk on my face. Let’s just say that it felt like half of the gunk was gone when I used this VOV CC cream for the first time. But it also made me feel like it wasn’t able to cover up as much as I wanted it to. 🙁

There is also some claim that CC creams have less oil content than your favorite BB cream. I did a simple oil content test using a Mary Kay beauty blotter and it didn’t seem to have much difference in terms of versus the Etude House BB Magic Cream as shown below.

Oil test using Mary Kay Beauty Blotter. On the left: Etude House BB Magic Cream. On the right: VOV Color Control CC Cream.

To sum it up, I think it’s a good addition but not a “must” to any kit. Nothing wrong to try but if you’ve got a cheaper BB cream you already love, I’m not sure if the lighter coverage of this CC cream would work for you. I don’t recommend this for those with oily skin because of its oil content. And, if you happen to work in a humid environment like I do, it just wouldn’t last you all day like you want it to.

Well, that’s it. This post turned out more lenghthy than I thought. 🙂  I am by no means a beauty/make-up expert but I sure hoped I was able to give you a good glimpse of this product. Until next time!



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