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Boracay Lodging: Casa Alonso

Casa Alonso is a small, budget lodging at Station 1 in Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan. It was our temporary home in Boracay last June 24-26, 2013 when my boyfriend and I went on a trip to the island. It is the second “hotel” by Casa Signature Hotels after Casa Vallejo in Baguio.


This cozy inn is located at Station 1 although it’s not a beachfront property. If you are familiar with the area where the Holy Rosary Parish Church is, Casa Alonso is just behind this church.Take the small street just before the church (if coming from D’ Mall) along Boracay Highway Central and walk until you reach a second dirt path on the right. There is a small store at the corner of the street and the dirt path that leads to Casa Alonso. Just follow this path and you’ll see a vet clinic/pet supply store. You won’t miss the two-storey white building that is Casa Alonso. It’s not really far from the beach since you can access the beach through a small path right across the church. You’ll spend about 2-3 minutes walking from Casa Alonso to the beach or even less if you walk fast. But since this is a residential area, the conservatives among us might find it awkward to walk wet and in your bikini while there are teenagers playing basketball at the plaza. So my advise is to bring a sarong or coverup so it wouldn’t be too awkward. 🙂

We stayed at a standard room (Room 1) which I found cozy and clean. The design is minimalistic and modern. There is an air conditioner, flat screen TV and a closet in the room. No refrigerators though to keep bottled waters cold. The comfort room was pretty decent, spacious and had hot shower. I noticed though that there was watermark at the wall near the toilet but it was no big deal. We were provided with two clean towels, two small bars of soap and two rolls of tissue paper.

When we got there, we didn’t know that they were on promo (at 50% off per night!) and my boyfriend failed to inquire when he confirmed our reservation if we would be served with breakfast. Apparently, our reservation didn’t come with it (since they’re 50% off) so we had to go to Jonah’s Fruit Shake and Snack Bar which was just within the area. I heard though that their regular rates had breakfast included.

During our stay, there was no room service and no one cleaned our room. But, according to one review at tripadvisor, you can ask them to clean it for you if you want them to. We never thought about it though. =P They happily obliged, however, with our request for a change of towels at no extra charge (which we did everyday =P).

I honestly had negative first impression about it when I learned that it wasn’t beachfront but I eventually appreciated the quiet surroundings especially at night when you want to keep away from the loud music at clubs located at Station 1. My boyfriend even offered to find a beachfront lodging for us to transfer to but I said no. After all, we enjoyed a huge savings with their 50% off promo. Imagine, we spent just PHP 2,750 for a two-night stay!

I recommend this place for those traveling on a budget preferring to stay near Station 1. If you don’t mind the short walk, then probably you can check out this place for your next stay in Boracay.

For inquiries, you may call +63-74-4243397 or +63-74-4235748 to inquire about their promo (I believe it’s until July 2013?). Visit their official website at: http://casasignaturehotels.com/ .

I’m about to resume work on Monday so I’m not sure if I can still share my recent travel escapade to Boracay. Perhaps once I get the time and the drive to do so. Anyway, I’ll see you guys when I can. Thanks for reading! More pictures after the jump.



Outside Room 1 of Casa Alonso

The reception desk.

Dining area

Casa Alonso at night.



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