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Adulting 101 Archive

15 Jan 2018

Driver’s License Renewal at LTO Las Piñas (2018)

Stories of how difficult and arduous the process of having your driver’s license renewed or updated in the Philippines nowadays with the newly-implemented biometrics scheme sounded like an exaggeration to me – not until I experienced it
25 Sep 2017

Change of Name: PRC Edition

Eight months from getting married, I finally decided to let go of my maiden name and update all my IDs and records. #Adulting it is. Before going to PRC, I visited their website, downloaded and filled up
21 Oct 2016

Marriage License – Check!

Missed me? I have been so overwhelmed with a lot of life changes this year that I really didn’t have time to update this blog on my wedding preps like I promised. I realized I didn’t even
10 Aug 2015

The Xend Experience *UPDATED 8/24/15*

IF YOU’RE IN A HURRY AND WOULD JUST LIKE TO KNOW ONCE AND FOR ALL IF I WAS REFUNDED BY XEND, JUST SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM FOR THE FINAL UPDATE. 🙂 ________________________________________________________ Days turned to weeks and
11 Mar 2015

Of Selling Knock-Offs on Instagram and Responsible Blogging

I don’t know how to start this. I’ve been staring at my screen for a good 10 minutes before I was even able to start this paragraph. So I figured I’ll just start with a walkthrough on
13 Jan 2015

NBI Clearance in Las Piñas

 So, I’m blogging while waiting in queue at the NBI Satellite Office in SM Center Las Piñas. I am surrounded by irate and very confused customers waiting in vain for their turn. The recent update in the