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Wedding Review: Makeup by Navi Albino

This is a long overdue review of my suppliers since I got married in January 7, 2017. Yes, I was a 1717 bride! Most suppliers were booked in 2016 since we had exactly one year to prepare. Things might have changed… or maybe not, but I hope my series of reviews would be of help to future brides and grooms preparing for their big day.

For this review, I will be featuring the my bridal hair and makeup artist, Navi Albino.

Navi Albino  – 5+++ stars

Navi Albino (Hair and Makeup Artist) – Photo by: Pepe Fernandez Photo


  • approachable
  • affordable
  • attentive
  • listens to what you want
  • on time


  • none

Navi was my lifesaver and my fairy godmother. I got her (she is born a “he”) from a wedding suppliers’ group from Facebook while I was looking for a prenup hair and makeup artist. Prior to that, I had booked another hair and makeup artist for my wedding whose package included a free trial that I can use for my prenup but she required me to go to her studio in Pasig City. Because of time constraints, I decided to just book a separate makeup artist altogether because our prenup pictorial venue is in Manila. I browsed through the “looking for” threads in the group and messaged almost everyone in that list whose portfolio caught my attention. The package she offered for me was very affordable considering it was airbrushed and three looks at that. It was a plus point that she lived in Manila so traveling was not a problem. I absolutely loved my look during my prenup most especially when we already did the more formal sets. Instead of three sets, we ended up doing four and the shoot lasted until 6 pm. Despite the extension, she never complained nor asked for extra compensation for that. Her partner, Jerwin Miranda went with her. Jerwin also does make-up but for my prenup, he did my hair instead. What I liked about her was the fact that she made the extra mile of helping me during that day. She carried our stuff and helped me dress up even if it was no longer part of her job description and I was so ever thankful for that.

(Raw) Photo by: Pepe Fernandez Photo

Come two months before my wedding, I finally did a trial makeup with my original wedding hair and makeup artist. Unfortunately, I did not like my look. It looked dated and far from the kind of look I wanted for my big day. My husband even commented at that time that she wasn’t able to hide the blemishes properly even if the airbrushed technique was supposed to do that. Coming from a guy and someone who had zero knowledge on makeup, it meant a lot to me. So after a day of struggling, I finally made the decision to cancel the contract with my original hair and makeup artist.

It was a difficult decision to do especially since it was just two months to go and most of the well-known in the industry already had booking for that “hot” date. Until  my husband suggested to inquire with Navi again since she did a way better job than the other makeup artist. To make the long story short, I ended up booking Navi for my big day. Her package was affordable and reasonable: airbrushed bridal look with second look and unlimited retouch, groom’s grooming and four additional heads – all airbrushed! Among all those who sent me their packages, hers was the best.

She was very accommodating and gave me advise on what to do days prior to my wedding: when to do facials, hair coloring etc. She never hard sold me anything. In the end though, I just let her buy me hair extensions because I was too busy to look for one myself.

(Raw) Photo by: Pepe Fernandez Photo

She was right on time on the wedding day. We started our preparations at 3 am for an 11 am wedding. She never left my side during the shoot and even before I entered the church. She was always on standby for my retouch. I absolutely loved how I looked that day. I felt that I was at my prettiest even if days prior, I started having breakouts  because of the stress (also, the day before my wedding, my cat accidentally scratched my nose!). That kind of confidence brought about by knowing I looked good helped offset a lot of negativities that I should be feeling because of all the unfortunate instances that happened that day. The overall look was so well put-together that I think I looked good even in unedited and camera phone shots.

So to all future brides, my advise is to get a good makeup artist. I don’t necessarily mean to get the most expensive or the most popular ones in the industry but get someone who knows how to highlight your best features. Also, if you can, go and have a trial makeup done prior to booking your makeup artist. If you are on a budget, you can take advantage of the free trials during bridal fairs. And please, please, do it months before and not two months into the wedding like what I did. Remember that your investment in a good hair and makeup artist will be forever captured in your wedding photos and videos. You wouldn’t want to splurge on your photo and video only for them to capture you at your most unflattering self right?


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