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Marriage License – Check!

Missed me? I have been so overwhelmed with a lot of life changes this year that I really didn’t have time to update this blog on my wedding preps like I promised. I realized I didn’t even get the chance to “review” the other churches we considered for our wedding next year like I did for San Antonio de Padua (Marikina). Anyway, I figured I’d just post first our experience getting a marriage license at Las Pinas City Hall a week back.

Prior to applying for marriage license in Las Pinas, you should first make sure that one of you is a resident of Las Pinas City and before you visit the Office of the Civil Registry, you should have the following ready on hand. A personal appearance of the couple is required for applying a marriage license.

  1. Photocopy of your certificate of Live Birth from the NSO.
  2. Photocopy of your CENOMAR (Certificate of Record of No Marriage) also from the NSO.
  3. Cedula
  4. Php – 150 (100 for application fee and license fee)
  5. Additional Php 100+ for notary (sorry I forgot how much it actually cost)

The Office of the Civil Registry in Las Pinas is located at the white building behind the main City Hall. Go to Window 7 and tell them you’re getting a marriage license. You will have to fill up an interview sheet and you will be given 4 copies of application forms which you should fill up using black ink. One side is to be filled up by the groom, the other by the bride. Don’t worry if you made a mistake writing something. They did not mind our erasures. 🙂

If you or your partner is 18-20 years old, you need to have the consent of mother, father or guardian with their personal appearance.

If you or your partner is 21-24 years old, a parental advise is needed of both parents or guardian with their personal appearance.

You are required to attend 2 seminars for which you will be given certificates of completion.

  1. DSWD Pre-Marriage Counseling – 8:00 to 12:00 noon
  2. Health Center – Family Planning – 1:00 pm

But, if you’re like us who did a pre-cana seminar somewhere else like CEFAM’s Discovery Weekend or the live-out Cana Seminar, or has finished with the marriage preparation seminars from your churches, you’ll just have to submit the photocopies of your certificates and you can skip the seminars above. If you haven’t gone to any seminar, you’re supposed to finish them before you claim your actual marriage license 10 working days after submitting your application form.

Additional Requirements for special cases:

  1. Widow/Widower – Death Certificate of Late Spouse
  2. Annulled/Presumed Death of Spouse – Court Decision, Court Finality, Marriage/Death with annotation

Once released, a marriage license is valid until 120 days from the date of issuance and is valid anywhere in the Philippines!

The whole process took us about 30-45 minutes tops since there was no queue when we arrived around 3 pm on a Friday. We haven’t gotten ours yet since we just applied last week but we were told we can have someone else pick it up in our behalf. We just need to provide him/her an authorization letter with a photocopy of our valid ID. 🙂

Well that’s it for a quick update. I hope I got to help fellow brides in their wedding preps. I know it can be crazy. Mine’s already driving me nuts! Hehe. See yah!



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