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Church Hunting: San Antonio de Padua – Marikina

I didn’t want to blog about my wedding preps initially since I wanted to be discreet about it. The original plan was to do the blogging after the event but I might forget about the details and what nots of the preparations so I decided to just go ahead with the blogging. After all, most, if not all of my wedding preparations are actually based on what other brides-to-be and previous brides have shared. It will be such a pity if I don’t return the favor.

You might be quite surprised with the title if you know who I am and where my fiance and I live. But yes, that’s correct. We have been hunting for churches in Marikina and nearby areas early into the planning regardless if neither of us live in Marikina (I’m from the south and he’s from the north). It was through my wedding research that brought the two of us to Marikina even if none of our close relatives lived there but that’s another story. For now, I’d like to share one of the few churches that we’ve been to while doing the preps.

A good tip that I can give any bride-to-be is to consider the distance of your church and your reception venue if you’re not going to be holding it in a single place. The traffic can be horrendous anywhere especially during Saturdays when most weddings take place. The last thing you would want to happen is to have the wedding rites start without you, the bride, in the church. (Which is by the way a true story according to a forum I’m a member of. The poor bride allegedly came in late that the priest who was very strict started the rites without her. She entered the church using the side door  since the main door was already closed. Talk about a grand entrance!) With the traffic in mind, what we did was to list down a venue-church combo. Meaning, if we are considering a venue, then we should also look for a partner church nearby to hold the rites in. Genius right? That way, we won’t have problems with dealing with weekend traffic on our preferred date. 🙂

One of the churches that was on our list was this quaint little church along the Marikina River, San Antonio de Padua Parish located in San Antonio Street, Calumpang, Marikina City. My google search of this church led me to a blog entry by Vatel Manila where they enumerated the pros of this church: an impressive facade, a small and quaint church perfect for intimate weddings, the second floor of the church good for your overhead aisle walk shots, the secluded area and the peaceful surroundings since it’s right beside the Marikina River.

We hurriedly dropped by this church for an ocular when we first visited our planned reception venue. For one, the church wasn’t hard to find but the roads leading to the church can be quite challenging since the roads were too small. It was indeed in a rather secluded area so there is some sense of privacy, but this seclusion also invited children/students who wanted to have dance/cheering practice in a large space free of crowds to spend their practice time there. To make matters worse, security isn’t too tight. In fact, when we went there, a wedding was going on and at the same time, there were high school kids practicing their dance routine within the church grounds and nobody was stopping them.

What brought me to consider this church was the facade that I saw from the Vatel Manila website. I thought the stairs would add more drama to your wedding photos.

Photo taken from Vatel Manila.

Photo taken from Vatel Manila.

The interiors of the church was also simple but beautiful.

Photo taken from DBV Architecture Website

Photo taken from DBV Architecture Website

And you won’t have worry about your guests feeling too hot inside the church because it’s breezy. And see that second floor? Can you just imagine the wonderful overhead shot of you walking that aisle?

Photo taken from Vatel Manila

Photo taken from Vatel Manila.

And to add there’s actually parking space at the basement of the church! You know, everything is just perfect. This is a simple, no-fuss church for an intimate wedding, perfect even during summer. Perfect, except for one major problem. The altar is facing the Marikina River and the door that you see above opens to the right side of the church.

The last photo I posted shows a bit of where the bride will be coming in. No wooden closed door drama since the door that faces the altar is made of see-through, sliding steel gates. To illustrate it better, I’m sharing with you some SDEs of weddings in this church that I unearthed from the archives.

When I realized this, I immediately crossed it off my list as I’ve always wanted to have that closed wooden door entrance. It wasn’t such of a loss in the end really because we eventually also dropped the nearby reception venue that we partnered this with.

I am glad that we personally did an ocular of the churches and venues that we considered because there are a lot of things to consider that you won’t see in blogs or features. I am glad that neither of us are based overseas and are able to be hands-on with the preparations. Anyway, that’s it for now. In my next feature, I’ll be sharing the second church we visited and why we decided on not pushing through with that church. Afterwhich, I’ll be sharing reception venues around Marikina and might be sharing the rental rates of the numerous events place that we had considered early on.

Thank you for reading! See you in my next blog. 🙂


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