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Our Distemper Journey: Prologue

kyla during happier days

Hello everyone. I am Kyla. I am a local Philippine mongrel aka Aspin but yes, I do look like a yellow Labrador. I was born sometime in June 2014. I was bought from a local man who were selling me and my siblings at 3 months old. I was not vaccinated with 5-in-1. And that is something that my mommy really, really, absolutely, regrets now. And this is my story.

I was a happy, healthy and a very playful puppy. One day in June 2015, I had thrown up and did not want to eat. My humans observed me at first but they were very concerned especially since I had a voracious appetite. They brought me to an animal hospital near our home where I was diagnosed with Parvovirus. My mommy was not happy. I saw her cry her eyes out when she heard the news. She hugged me tight and I wanted to lick her back to comfort her but just couldn’t. I laid down weak on the examination table while I watched her. I was then admitted and was given antibiotics and supportive treatment. A week later, I was happily wagging my tail back home. I was on antibiotics. Something that I first didn’t mind but after about a week, I noticed how my mom was mixing that weird stuff in my food and became really, really picky. I went back to the vet after two weeks but was told I can’t have my vaccines yet. I was then given another course of antibiotics. During the next few weeks, I was just a happy, normal Aspin enjoying playtime with my mommy. Oh boy. You should see how high I could jump to get that rope from my mommy. I even once almost bit her when she didn’t notice I was eyeing the toy in her hand already and was caught off guard. Of course I was sorry. But not quite. Hehe.

About a week back, I then started having aversion to food. First, it was the normal human food that I really, really liked. Next, it was the dog food that sometimes my mommy gives me and my two other adopted siblings. They then resorted to hand-feeding me, but later on, even with that I couldn’t take as much as I had before. I really couldn’t understand why I am having this and my humans can’t either. Then, on August 12, 2015, I did not have any more food. I don’t know. I just don’t feel well. I did not have cough, colds, difficulty of breathing, diarrhea or vomiting. I just didn’t want to eat. My mommy attempted to hand-feed me. I took a few bites and it was when she noticed that my snout was warm. Very warm if I may add.

My mommy was out the next day because she had to go to work. When she got back on August 14, Friday, my grandpa said that I was shivering and just had water the entire day. Mommy was really concerned. She immediately brought me to the vet, dress and all. She did not even had the chance to change her clothes! When we got there at almost closing time, my vet said I was running a fever. She took some blood and gave us some prescriptions with advice on how to keep my temperature down. Mommy often checked on me and put some alcohol to my paws to keep me cool. But that night, I really felt very ill. So ill that I couldn’t even stand up. When my mommy checked on me, she noticed that my forehead was jerking. She thought it weird at first. When she came back a few hours later, the forehead twitching was gone but I don’t know why I can’t keep my hind legs still. It kept on twitching every so often then disappears. Really weird.

I didn’t know that my mom was already in panic at that time. She had searched for it on the internet the moment she saw my forehead twitch. She read and watched videos about dogs who have/had distemper. She had watched too many videos on Youtube already and she had memorized how the muscle jerks looked. That night, she looked at me with teary eyes as she pat me on the forehead goodnight.

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