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Too Cool For School: Lip Study Water Beam Stick

The hallyu wave definitely opened doors not only to K-Pop groups aspiring to conquer foreign lands but also opened opportunities for Korean brands to expand their markets. Earlier, we saw how the likes of Etude House, The Face Shop, Skin Food and Tony Moly land in our shores and introduce us to Korean cosmetics and skin care. A couple of months ago, another Korean brand opened shop in the Philippines. Too Cool for School opened its first store in the Philippines at the Level 2 Entertainment Mall of SM Mall of Asia in April. This was followed by a second store at SM North EDSA which opened last July.

Do not expect to see pinks, baby blues and everything pastel though. The store, unlike the bubbly, girly facade of Etude House, exudes that borderline creepy/edgy/quirky/I-don’t-care attitude that is not typical of Korean stores we’ve come to love. Expect caricatures of girls, cartoon versions of monsters and a school laboratory-inspired layout that showcases creepy-looking dolls as decors.  With all these skin care and make-up products from such many Korean stores, I wonder how Korean girls put these on their faces all at the same time. 😛

Anyway, I grabbed a few things that took my fancy on my visit and one of them is this Lip Study Water Beam Stick which I got for Php 700+.

TCFS’s Lip Study Water Beam Stick: Too expensive for its kind.

For a lipstick that is not in the same class as high-end products such as MAC and Nars, this is pretty expensive. It comes in five different colors, all of which, save for one, I found too light for my taste.

Image grabbed from Too Cool For School Philippines’ facebook page.

The lipstick comes in a stylish, funky package, one that I’ve never seen before. I grade it an “A+” for originality.

This is #1 Tint Red and the only one which I thought wouldn’t give me that look as if I was stricken with anemia. It stayed true to its name and just gave a tinge of red when swatched and when applied on the lips. One of its claims is to give a more plump and glittery look on your lips. Official word from Too Cool for School:

Gives the plump glittering shine for a more stereoscopic lip make-up. Lovely color that shines with stereoscopic animation, the 4D glossy stick.

I give it an A+ for the chic packaging. 🙂

It has a sweet scent reminiscent of a candy. It looks really red on the tube but when glided over your lips, it gives just a reddish tinge unlike the one seen on the press handout. I had to do multiple swipes to get a decent coverage. I’ve been using it more often lately because it allows me to wear red lipstick without being over the top.

Lip Study Water Beam Stick #1 Tint Red

Judging from the swatches shown by the salesperson, this might be the only lipstick I’ll be purchasing from this line since I am not a huge fan of sporting nude lips at the moment. Its expensive price tag is also one of its weaknesses. Considering that the purchasing public wants value for their peso, I wouldn’t be surprised if ladies would prefer other less expensive brands for the same price and quality.  I’d personally choose to add three hundred bucks more for a MAC lipstick given the quality of this one. 🙂

Aside from this lipstick, I also bought one of those gel liners/eyebrow powder kits during my visit which I’m loving at the moment. Perhaps I would do a review of it as well in the future. 😉

Until next time then. Adieu!


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