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Inter Color Pretty Nail Flower in 314 Lollipop Green

Such a mouthful for a “brand” but that’s exactly the name of the nail polish as written in Korean text when you flip it over. The English “translation” is also written discreetly on the cap. I had to emphasize the word “translation” because it doesn’t really translate into that, but the first two lines on the bottom of the bottle actually reads Kongrish: English words which were Koreanized much like how we “tagalize” it here in the Philippines.

Inter Color Pretty Nail Flower

I got this from CNA, a specialty shop that sells Korean stuff from cosmetics to accessories located on the ground floor of University Tower along Pedro Gil St. in Manila. This bottle that I got is in 314 – Lollipop Green. It’s a creamy polish that glides on thick on nails even if you wipe away the excess. To achieve the color as seen on the bottle, one coating is enough. Add another coat and you get a darker and less candy-like version. I also noticed how it takes quite a while for the polish to dry. I had to use Orly Spritz Dry and a local brand of  quick dry polish to speed up the process. Unfortunately, I have not mastered the art of putting on nail polish on myself hence my nails don’t look that well-kept up close.

I tried to get more information about this brand but I could no longer read the lower text anymore since it’s overwritten by the expiration date. Doing an English search in google also proved to be futile so I am not really sure how wide their range of colors are but I did see about a row full of yummy pastel shades the last time. Probably would drop by again for another bottle soon. 😛


Did a korean search on google and discovered it also goes by the name “iCharming”. See pictures below for reference. 🙂

iCharming being sold online

Swatches for some iCharming colors.


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